Our clients are brand sellers and manufacturers. They are often new companies, or in their first few years of operation, when development and growth are of utmost importance. We focus exclusively on helping these developing brands get to the next level of sales and profitability, leveraging the biggest marketplace on the planet – Amazon.

There is no question that Amazon is a complex selling environment. They keep a tight rein on some parts of their marketplace, yet allow runaway refractions in others, and their rules and regulations are often confusing.

More than a few who test the waters at Amazon find themselves in over their heads.

You may be faced with some of the following issues:

  • You are dealing with Amazon listing and catalog management issues when your attention is needed on other aspects of your business.
  • Familiarizing yourself with Amazon’s requirements, restrictions and prohibitions for vendors and their products is a monumental task. Amazon continually changes the goalposts leaving you running to keep up. You may have already had listings yanked.
  • Amazon’s extensive use of artificial intelligence automation, rather than human agents, can be a huge roadblock. The AI bots draw baffling conclusions resulting in listing suppression and other problems. Resolving issues and dealing with Seller Support,  can be incredibly time-consuming, stealing hours that you need to focus on other issues.
  • Day-to-day demands of your business leave little time to focus on writing listings. Among other things, you need to ensure A+ content is effective and informative and that all listing details are included.
  • The never-ending task of defending your brand and products against MAP and content violations cannot be put on the back burner, lest you lose control of your image, pricing and experience resultant margin erosion.

If these issues resonate with you, we can help! We offer and execute solutions to these problems.

Shari Altman, president, Amazon Brand Professionals“We are available to handle needs and problems on demand or we can work on a retainer to deal with problems as they arise. Whichever approach works best for you, our goal is to assist in a way that allows you to keep your business moving forward.”
Shari Altman, President, Amazon Brand Professionals


“. . . that rare professional who takes care of your business as if it is her own project. . .

Dave Petitto, President, Dave Petitto Direct

“. . . honest insights were invaluable in helping us focus our advertising strategy and tactics, to grow our catalog and web business.’’

Paul Marcus, President, Brookbend Outdoor Furniture
“. . . the most detail-oriented, cool and collected, very easy to work with, marketing coach for any start up company. . .
Thai Truong, Founder/CEO, Stowright, Inc.

“. . . able to convey complex strategy and to itemize steps to be taken in order to achieve a goal . . .’’

Susan Miles, Vice President, List Brokerage, Statlistics, Inc.

“ . . . an unerring sense of marketing strategy with powerful persuasive skills . . . ”

Herschell Gordon Lewis, CEO, Lewis Enterprises
“ . . . leveraged her extensive experience to make invaluable contributions to improving our continuity program . . . 
Hannelore Schmidt, Director of Consumer Delight & Loyalty, Reflect.com LLC

“ . . . a broad experience base allowing them to grasp unique business situations . . .”

Russ Gaitskill, President, Garnet Hill Catalog