Professional. Experienced. Formidable.

Shari Altman, President Amazon Brand Professionals

a division of Altman Dedicated Direct

Known for her focus on the bottom line, clients tap Shari Altman’s expertise in over 25 years of direct response marketing. Before launching Altman Dedicated Direct in 1999, Shari’s experience included hands-on responsibility as director of marketing for infomercial marketers, major catalogers and continuity marketers. Utilizing a broad range of media including catalogs, email, direct mail, space ads and inserts, telemarketing, the web, radio and TV, Shari has helped well-known direct marketers like Time-Life, Guthy-Renker, McGraw-Hill and Sara Lee Direct reach major sales and marketing goals.

Shari helps clients with a broad range of strategic and tactical goals in customer acquisition and retention marketing, promotion planning, test and contact strategy, vendor selection, staffing, customer relationship management and database support, campaign results analysis, and integrated media.Amazon Brand Professionals’’ clients also rely on Shari to keep them informed and up-to-date on the latest Amazon changes, direct and digital marketing techniques and opportunities to improve their results.

“. . . honest insights were invaluable in helping us focus our advertising strategy and tactics, to grow our catalog and web business.’’

Paul Marcus, President, Brookbend Outdoor Furniture

“. . . able to convey complex strategy and to itemize steps to be taken in order to achieve a goal . . .’’

Susan Miles, Vice President, List Brokerage, Statlistics, Inc.
“. . . the most detail-oriented, cool and collected, very easy to work with, marketing coach for any start up company. . .
Thai Truong, Founder/CEO, Stowright, Inc.
“ . . . leveraged her extensive experience to make invaluable contributions to improving our continuity program . . . 
Hannelore Schmidt, Director of Consumer Delight & Loyalty, LLC

“ . . . a broad experience base allowing them to grasp unique business situations . . .”

Russ Gaitskill, President, Garnet Hill Catalog

“ . . . an unerring sense of marketing strategy with powerful persuasive skills . . . ”

Herschell Gordon Lewis, CEO, Lewis Enterprises

“. . . that rare professional who takes care of your business as if it is her own project. . .

Dave Petitto, President, Dave Petitto Direct