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“I can’t recommend Amazon Brand Pros enough! They helped take us from $3k/month to over $100k/month in just 18 months with a very small budget! As a new business, it was invaluable to work with a team that knew how to navigate Amazon and all of its many intricacies. From subscribe and save to improvements to our listing, they did it all!  They even helped us with our new website launch. This team is truly loaded with experts. Hiring Amazon Brand Pros was the best decision we made to help us with our growth on Amazon so that we could work on the business rather than in the business.”

Tina Anderson, CEO/Co-Founder | Just Thrive

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“Shari focuses on the marketing process itself which transcends the product. She is able to convey complex strategy and to itemize steps to be taken in order to achieve a goal. Her mail plans are ‘elegant’ in that they are structured to yield data that answers multiple questions. I have the ultimate respect for her both as a marketing professional and as a valued colleague.”

Susan Miles, Vice President
List Brokerage, Statlistics, Inc.

“With so many aspects of our business demanding attention – from product research and design to international manufacturing and logistics, advertising, legal and financial management, etc. we found properly managing our Amazon sales channel to be a Herculean task. No business that relies on Amazon for their sales survival can afford any shortcuts here – enter Amazon Brand Professionals. Shari and her team quickly became an invaluable asset. They possess the deep and current knowledge necessary to manage the ENTIRE relationship with Amazon.
As a true partner, we quickly found that they were skilled and able to help in other areas of our business too. From web site development to creating and testing new offers, even helping us to manage other marketing channels. We were so very glad that we reached out to Amazon Brand Professionals — we could not have had better partners.”

Owner | Stoneline USA

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“Amazon Brand Pros have worked with Vapore, LLC for over 10 years since the start of our company. We have had many changes over the years, but the one constant has been working with Shari, as she is very knowledgeable on how to grow brands and is very direct in letting her opinion be heard. This has been a tremendous help especially with respect to our Amazon business which has grown from being 10-15% of our business, to over 30% of our business. With limited time on my hands, I depend on Shari and her team to handle ‘everything Amazon’ for both our US and Canadian business — and she does an amazing job. From inventory management to advertising to staying on top of the ever changing Amazon rules and requirements — they have helped us to grow all the way through!”

Varun Nanda, President | Vapore LLC

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“Shari is the most detail-oriented, cool and collected, very easy to work with, marketing coach for any start up company. Her team and associates are all expert in their fields. Shari is a very diligent and hardworking professional, who has been very responsive to all our start up needs. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is considering taking the plunge into what may seem a confusing world of direct marketing.”

Thai Truong, Founder/CEO | Stowright, Inc.

“ . . . has a broad experience base allowing them to grasp unique business situations and provide actionable and affordable solutions.”

Russ Gaitskill, President
Garnet Hill Catalog

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““ . . . the rarest of marketers, combining an unerring sense of marketing strategy with powerful persuasive skills . . . give a campaign both direction and substance.”

Herschell Gordon Lewis, CEO
Lewis Enterprises

“Although our business model is unlike any other that Shari Altman has worked on, she leveraged her extensive experience to make invaluable contributions to improving our continuity program. I would definitely work with her again in the future.”

Hannelore Schmidt, Director of Consumer Delight & Loyalty LLC

“Shari Altman is that rare professional who takes care of your business as if it is her own project. She spends your money like it is coming from her bank account. When I need product developed, mockups created, tapes recorded or telemarketing and fulfillment set up . . .  there is only one person I call . . . and that’s Shari Altman.”

Dave Petitto, President | Dave Petitto Direct

“Shari provided very specific and useful direction for changes to improve the offer and creative for our prospecting ads. Her honest insights were invaluable in helping us focus our advertising strategy and tactics, to grow our catalog and web business.”

Paul Marcus, President
Brookbend Outdoor Furniture

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