We become real partners with your team.

No hourly fees or “running meter.” That’s why you’ll never hesitate to call us.

“Our fixed-price fees don’t mean fixed-level service. We are there whenever you need us — even when your needs reach beyond Monday-Friday 9-5, and even when unexpected challenges arise.”


Shari Altman, President, Amazon Brand Professionals

Your Goals
Become Our Goals.

We’re not in business to sell a particular direct response vehicle or medium. We don’t have traditional vendor-client relationships. Instead, we become true collaborators, combining our expertise with yours to assess opportunities and find the most efficient way to implement the most effective solution. Most often, our role is to help you translate those opportunities into new customers, new profits, and new growth. Sometimes, however, our value is in helping clients determine that certain opportunities aren’t worthy of an investment — before valuable resources are siphoned off.

We Focus on Results,
Not Timesheets.

At Amazon Brand Professionals, we know we’ll make a difference to your direct response business. That’s why we can charge one flat, “value-based” fee. This fixed fee can take the form of a project price or a retainer. Either way, our fee is determined by the value our work delivers to your bottom-line profitability — and it does not change even if the work required to achieve those results does. That’s right: even if there are many more meetings than originally anticipated or if we decide to call in additional resources, the price stays the same.

The Only Surprises
Are Pleasant Ones.

We’ll only discuss money together once. Then, from start to finish, you can make full use of our assistance without ever having to count up hours or costs. If along the way we find additional related work that must be done, we simply do it without having to ask you for additional funds. And since we’re not billing by the hour, there’s nothing stopping us from completing the project even faster than originally expected.

Unlike consulting firms that track how many hours they allot for your project, we’re free to do whatever it takes to achieve the results we promised up-front.