Our professionals can help you make the most of your biggest asset, your product catalog. Some of the ways we can assist include:

Catalog Management

Listing strategies tailored to your product and category. Price positioning to maximize sales, adding parent-child variations, creating bundles and kits, and management of account health issues (real or contrived) to minimize interruptions when inevitable listing suspensions occur.

Amazon Brand Exclusive Services

Support and guidance in utilization of Amazon’s brand-exclusive services to maximize sales and protect your brand value long-term. Give us a call and let us tell you more.

Listing Optimization and Strategy

Advice and direction on optimizing your listing, including the addition of A+ content, videos and other documents. Referrals to copywriters, videographers and SEO specialists whose (output) we can oversee.

FBA Inventory Management

Inventory that is fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) outstrips sales of items fulfilled by you (FBM or fulfilled by merchant). Striking the right balance between too much and not enough can be challenging. Let us assist you in determining how much inventory to send to FBA, as well as when to send it. We can forecast sales, helping you to target production, from the factory floor to the marketplace, eliminating stock outs for precious Subscribe and Save customers. And, when Amazon loses FBA merchandise, we can recommend services that can chase down every lost dollar.

Listing Suspension and Appeals

Account Health and Policy Violations

What is more frustrating and expensive than waking up to an email informing you that a listing has been suspended? Or an email threatening permanent removal from being able to fulfill products yourself or even deactivation of your seller account? Dealing with Amazon on these issues is critical, but so is your attention to day-to-day activities at your company. Amazon Brand Professionals to the rescue!! You are free to handle important company business because we will write appeals, make phone calls and gather documentation. We will jump through hoops, do CPR on listings, wait on hold to speak with yet another Seller Support agent. When your account and listings are in the clear, we will work on a plan to limit this type of issue in the future.

We help you to identify appropriate goals and strategies. Working with a trusted vendor partner, who offers superior technology and a proven track record, we can manage and automate keyword bids so your ads spend gives the most bang for your buck, while achieving the sales and margin goals and overall strategy we have worked together to identify. We manage the vendor relationship and spend, to ensure ongoing efficiency and effectiveness.

International Growth Strategy

Amazon is a worldwide marketplace. There is no better platform for introducing your products to buyers around the globe. You will have many questions… Where should I expand first? What is the opportunity and what are the challenges? How can I replicate my US success in other countries? We will make sure you have answers to all of your questions before we begin. And, you can count on our experience in the worldwide marketplace to help you make tough decisions and devise strategies for success.

Full Amazon Account Management

If your business staffing is lean and you want to hand over Amazon management to us, allowing you to focus on other channels and product development, we can step in and oversee your full Amazon activities. We will manage your business as if it were our own. You can count on Amazon Brand Professionals!

We can work as a member of your team, fitting in seamlessly. Or, we can come to the rescue when you need us to deal with serious sales killers such as suspensions, counterfeit sellers or trademark infringement. We are also available to fill in on non-emergency needs such as adding variations, overseeing Amazon brand store development, setting up new listings, analyzing sales data and more.